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Foreign languages are very important in our School.


In Small World, 1 to 3 year old children do all their activities in English. We want them to be immersed in the English – American culture.


In Preschool, when the students are 3, they begin learning French as well as English. This will be so until they get to the 10th Grade, when French becomes a voluntary subject.


5 year old preschool children can take the first level of Trinity College oral exams. These exams prove their communication skills, since they face an external examiner they have never met before.


At 7, (2nd Grade), our students can begin with German and/or Chinese, which are offered as extracurricular languages.


We do offer school exchange programs and stages in several places: France, Ireland, USA, Great Britain, etc.


Students from 10 year old onwards may be prepared for official external exams in all the languages, we have chosen:


Trinity College (GESE) and Cambridge University (First and Advanced Certificates)

DELF for French.

Goethe Institut for German.

Confucius Institut for Chinese.