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Message from the Headmaster

Teaching has always been, and still is, a very motivating task. It requires a lot of responsibility. When educators are in front of children or adolescents, they are always aware of the impact that their actions will have on the students’ instruction and character.

Today, this task acquires a special difficulty. Schools are required to address a great number of matters that before were for the families or the society to solve.

The main responsibility of schools is to instruct academically, but they are also required to teach moral values, guide the personal development of the students fomenting their autonomy, their self-esteem…New issues have to be faced, such as those generated by the use and abuse of new technologies or the acquisition of environmental awareness.

Message from the Director

However, this is a fascinating challenge rather that an obstacle.


The Liceo Europa School, its teachers and its executive team, feel completely identified with this challenge. We try hard to give an answer to those and other matters and we are ready to face the changes and demands of society.


DirectorIn conclusion, the final goal will always be the same: instruct capable, responsible and happy citizens.



The headmaster

Manuel Zapater Galve