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The beginning

Liceo Europa School is an education centre born in 1966 through the initiative of Ricardo Zapater and María del Carmen Galve.

Always innovating and growing

Half a century later we keep on growing, generating and adopting the best educative methodologies.

A large educational offer

In our School students can start in Small World (1 year olds – Kindergarten) until 2º de Bachillerato (18 year olds- 12th Grade). Thus, from one year old till University.

Liceo Europa understands education as a process ruled by principles and values which build the Thinking of our School and can be summed up in the following paragraphs.


As a private school, it´s not related to any institution, whether public or private, religious, political or economical. This allows us, respecting the current rules and regulations, to have a great independence.


We are open to adapt ourselves to social, technological and methodological changes to improve our educational system.

Our offer includes technical means, and extracurricular activities that go far beyond the general educational standards.

International character

Our “European” orientation is shown in two different aspects:

– On one hand, we adopt the principles that have determined the past and present of the occidental World: freedom, democracy, rationalism, humanism…

– On the other hand we try to transmit our students an international dimension, beyond the European scope, that enlarge their views and help to develop an open, comprehensive and critical mind.

Integral education

We want to give our students an integral education, combining a demanding knowledge instruction with a personal and social training. This includes all the values that are nowadays essential: solidarity, respect for others, without any kind of discrimination, sense of effort and responsability, compromise with health and environmental values.

Sustainability and solidarity

We favor the newest and most efficient technologies, not only because of their economical yield, but also to be a top centre in order to demonstrate the viability of these new devices.

At the moment, 80 % of the combined heating needs from the School and the Swimming Pools, as well as 35% of the electricity are generated inside our facilities

In 2009 we became the First School Friend of UNICEF in Aragon (our region in Spain).

We collaborate with wildlife institutions to study and maintain some endangered fish species.

All of this mean enormous educational opportunities for our students.